Desvío Residencial Las Cañadas, Villanueva, Cortés, Honduras.

Phone: +504 2630-0030 / 0031 / 0032 / 0033

 Desvío Residencial Las Cañadas, Villanueva, Cortés, Honduras.

Telefono: +504 2630-0030 / 0031 / 0032 / 0033

Products and Services

Our Services

We have a variety of complementary services that allow you to focus on your business and in us an ally. We have experience of providing services to different industries.

Cellar Service

We have over 30,000 square meters of space for storage plant to save your finished product. This allows us to be pretty much your cellar and we give you the confidence and security you need, you can receive inventory at time of application and thus fulfill deliveries in record time.

Shipping Services

We have multiple units of transport for the distribution and product delivery directly to domestic and international customer guaranteeing timely delivery.

Delivery Times

We have the fastest service of all corrugated industry with delivery times of 3-4 days.

Our Products


These offer excellent protection and resistance to stacking, ensuring the demands of the logistics chain and eliminating the risk of product damage incurred during transport.


Rigid boxes offer a variety of forms and are adaptable to the needs of product sizes. Consisting of two pieces, a top and a base which are made of stiff cardboard. This model offers a maximum resistance box.


These boxes are ideal for their jobs in the short term, but what makes them so useful is the design. This versatility allows you to have a box to suit a variety of print jobs.

Partition and Separators

Packaging divisions can be made of solid or corrugated cardboard. Both materials have different properties that make them the most suitable when it comes to protecting other products.


Height adjustable boxes protecting the height of corresponding products. Resistant and rigid. The cap contains a tab which facilitates the opening.

Die Cut Boxes

They are called foldable boxes that are already cut to size and shape, folded and glued, ready to assemble.


These trays and durable corrugated cardboard boxes provide reliable storage.

These trays and durable corrugated cardboard boxes provide reliable storage.

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3J Corporation was founded in 1992 from the packaging needs of the textile industry. The founders of the company saw the opportunity to meet this need in the maquiladoras, and the lack of supply that existed by the current suppliers at that time.


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